I just went to see my NEW shrink today and he decided to put me back on Abilify and Lexapro combination.Which was a combination that I took before that helped quite well.What I don't understand is.Why did they approve the Abilify?Which was $608.99 for a 30 day supply but they didn't APPROVE the Lexapro.They gave me the actual real bottle that the abilify was in too.I got the Real Version (NO GENERIC).I got the bottle from the actual pharmacutical company.They charged my insurance $608.99 for that CRAP!!! I wouldn't have minded the GENERIC version.They do have a Generic 2.So don't tell me they don't but what I don't understand is.Why didn't my Lexapro go through??My insurance is probably flipping out because they just got charged $608.99 for 30 FREAKING PILLS.