vision problem just like I had with celexa. It was reduced to 5 mg and than switched to cymbalta 30 mg. I thought there was a 20 mg but what do I know. It was ok til last night, no sleep and intense anxiety and nervousness, pain in muscles. I have severe depression with anxiety also have had panic attacks due to uncontrollable nosebleeds, I have RA, and had a stroke 7 yrs ago which has it's own problems. So I've been off the Lexapro 5mg for 5 days an on cymbalta 30mg 5 days and I took cymbalta this morning and I know the anxiety will. Follow soon. I do take 1/2 klonapin of0.5 mg. 2x a day as needed but recently I need it, I take it as well with gabbapentin and a muscle relaxer, sometimes melatonin and the past week valerian root. Is the anxiety and sleeplessness due to the cymbalta or maybe not being on the Lexapro a little longer? Since its Sunday I have to wait til tomorrow to call my dr. What should my concerns be and are there certain questions I should ask? I'm at lost here and it's been a long 2 years of trying different meds. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thank you,Allyoop64