I really need some answers.. I was given 5mg Lexapro & 25mg Seroquel for sleep for 2 weeks now, the Seroquel is AMAZING stuff & im loving the sleep im finally getting! (after not sleeping for 6days)
... basically since taking these drugs, I have been dizzy, jittery and anxious still.. I know its normal for them to make u feel abit off at first, but im worried my dose isn't high enough... my doc insists I stay on 5mg lex.. so far my side effects range from feeling lethargic, to anxious, to dizzy spells and feeling "paranoid" lack of appetite.. without Seroquel I definitely cannot sleep as I tried it lastnight.. i have days where im happy and days where i am totally out of it.. its never the same.. I have 2 kids so I need this med to start working!! I am going to wait 6weeks and if no change I am upping my dose to 10mg. any tips and thoughts would be GREATLY appreciated!!