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Lexapro ive been on 5mg for5 days anxiety seem worse' raceingithoughts will this go awsy?

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Inactive 22 Mar 2012

Hello garygalarza. I'm afraid it might be a bit longer. For some people side effects to taking Lexapro can be for several weeks. You've not hit a full seven days yet. Hopefully, they'll ease up and soon. Regards, pledge

caringsonbj 22 Mar 2012

like Pledge I think with most of these drugs including Lexapro that it takes time to see things get better, sometimes it takes as much as a month, I think I have heard doctors say that Lexapro is one of those drugs (and there are a few and it varies from patient to patient) that with a few it seems to work faster, I am one of those people that this class of drugs I have had problems adjusting to in the past but give it some time, One thing we are all different and what does not really work for me might be the ticket for you, I don't ever want to discourage another person I think when you have panic, anxiety and accompanying symptoms that you need every ounce of positive words from others that are possible and please know that I wish you the very very best and it is my sincere hope that you do improve soon! Caringsonbj (Billy)

marlowa 22 Mar 2012

i've been on it for 7 days now and went through so many side affects that I constantly considered quitting.I had insomnia the first few nights, depression, more anxiety and naseau. I'm glad i've pushed through though because this is day seven and i am feeling much better. I am feeling a little jittery but I finally feel like i'm through the worst part.

garygalarza 23 Mar 2012

Thks marlowa I've been on it7days just started 10 mg still get jittery and anxitybut hopefully I'll get better free discount card

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