I have been on 20mg Lexapro for 17 days. This is after being on 15mg for 30 days. I take that along with 1mg/day of Klonopin (I have been taking this level of Klolopin for almost 7 months). 5-6 days into the 20mg, I noticed the anxiety is so much lower and almost gone. I felt almost normal and was enjoying myself, that is not to say that I was 100%, but I felt much better and I almost did not need the klonopin, but was taking it to prevent withdrawal symptoms.
As of 2 days ago, I noticed the anxiety is back again at a lower level. I have been having night sweats for the past 3 nights and wake up anxious again. I now take the same amount of Klonopin, but I take it because I NEED it to calm my anxiety down. Is this up and down normal? Am I in the adjustment period of Lexapro? If I felt good for 5-6 days, is that a good indication? I really want to feel good again after dealing with this for 7 months.
I have to add that I did reduce my Klonopin from 1.0mg to 0.875mg a week ago since I felt like I did not need it. I then reduced it to 0.75mg for one day before the anxiety returned, could this be a withdrawal symptom of Klonopin? I am back up to 0.875mg again as of yesterday. Also, weekends are my triggers since I live alone and I like to have my weekend filled with activities.

Any positive response is highly appreciated