My daughter was recently prescribed this for depression and anxiety. She has never been suicidal, but has been self harming for a year now. Last time she ended up needing stitches, and swore she will never hurt herself again as it scared her to death.
She is very smart, pretty rational otherwise.

She already suffers from headaches often, has orthostatic hypotension (blood pressure drops when standing or getting up from a lying or seated position).
On top of already being a 16 year old girl in today's society, she has suffered some bullying a few years ago, was very self conscious, had low self esteem, the works. Recently she shared with me that she has gained a lot more confidence though.
She knows something is off, she is tired of not being happy, of having anxiety attacks and running thoughts out of nowhere about her or I being hurt, she misses being the girl she used to be.
I'm scared of the risks, side effects and her not ever being able to function after trying to get off of it.
My thought is have her get on this, make it through these high school years and wean her off.

Please, any feedback would be great.