I was recently diagnosed with anxiety disorder. My doctor put me on Buspar 10mg three times a day about 2 weeks ago. Then I went back at the end of last week and she add lexapro 10mg a day on top,of that medication. I took the Lexapro amd literally thought I was having the serotonin syndrome the first time. I stay up all night and was vomiting every where. I had no appetite. I stopped taking it for a day and then told myself that my doctor knows best amd took it gain. The symptoms werent as bad. I still stay up all night and day and no appetite. I did dry heave a little because I had nothing in my stomach. And even one point I questioned whether my tongue was swelling. I don't know cause I'm at that point where my anixity has taken over my mind. So I stopped again or well decreased my dose 5mg without talking to my doctor. I have called them,so,many times this week they literally keep saying you need to see a physicist. I'm like you proscribed the meds. But anyways. I did decrease my dose on my own and finally went to sleep. But I'm so scared to take this ssri its giving me more anixity. Not to mention I have read every outcome or side effect associated with this drug. Even long term effect. What should I do?