My mother in law is 61 and is prescribed Levothyroxine 175 mcg 1x/day. I've known her for years and she never takes it but then complains of headaches, being hot, etc. I get onto her every time because I take a similar dosage and I am familiar with those symptoms. She says she always forgets to take it when she gets up and her doctor told her that taking it with anything else is "as good as throwing it away". I would argue that taking it at all would be better than not taking it, especially since she is taking such a high dosage. She believes it doesn't interfere with her other 14 medications, she just forgets to take it alone, so she doesn't take it at all.
If she takes it with her other pills when she gets up, is this effectively "as good as throwing it away" or is this a case of "any taking is better than no taking"?