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levothyroxine - Is it true once you start taking this drug-you can never stop?

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Booka1 21 Apr 2018

true, once you have a thyroid condition you must take medicine to help your thyroid keep up with the sluggishness. And if you have had your thyroid removed either by RAI( radiation pill) or by surgical removal or partial removal you must definitely take it for the rest of your life. Because your thyroid has so many functions in the body that it controls, for example; heart rate, body temperature, metabolism, blood pressure, hair, skin, moods, the list goes on. That tiny little gland has a huge job to do in the body, so whether it’s removed or you just have hypothyroidism , you have to take thyroid medication for life. I look at it as I am taking a vitamin for my thyroid because the thought of taking something for life can be over bearing. So I just tell myself, it’s vitamins. When in reality it’s extremely important and your body needs it. It doesn’t have to be levothyroxine (Generic) they make name brand of this medication. In case you have too many side effects from the fillers in this medication. There is Synthroid, Levoxyl, and Tirosint in the same family of medicine. Also there is natural medication (for some people a natural approach fits them and their needs) however most endocrinologist will not treat with natural medication. Most treat with Synthetic which is the levothyroxine. You should discuss with your doctor what your levels are and how you feel since this is a long term medication and you want to feel optimal and at best. This is not a medication that can just be stopped, symptoms can worsen and in the case of a person who has no thyroid , it can be life threatening. See a doctor at least once a year and blood work for levels at least 2 times a year. free discount card

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