I started taking this about 3 weeks ago since my levels went low. I had nodules causing horse and blockage in my asophogus so they removed one side and the middle Thyroid a year and half ago. This medicine has helped some symptoms but made me feel real sick to my stomach and I just felt sick all over. I wanted to crawl into bed and not move. I read wear it is better to try the natural method, so I am trying Thyro-Gold in replacement of my Levothyroxine. I would start feeling sick within 10-20 minutes of taking the levo and have take the other the past 3 days. Feel much better than I did on the levo. Waiting to see if it takes away more symptons that the levo did. Every sympton out there it seems I have for low thyroid levels. It has been creaping up on me for years. I have many friends on the Levo and are doing fine. Any thoughts on this?