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Levothyroxine - I have been taking 112 MCG for a month, when will I start feeling like myself again?

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SHEsevEN4 12 Nov 2015

It took me about three months, hope this is some help.

chuck1957 15 Nov 2015

Also depends on the person and how it works with there system, This is also why they have to continue to get blood test for a while until you come out with the right reading on an regular basis. And how you take it should be on a empty stomach 1/2 to 1 hour prior to breakfast or other medications. Hope you start to feel it soon

Darin675 15 Dec 2017

taking Levothyroxine 112 because my levels were too elevated. Since I have started to take the medication I have been constipated straining when using the toilet, loss of appetite, and noticing memory problems which is now having effects on where I am working. I received a call yesterday saying I was canceled at the location that they needed me, saying they needed someone more on point! I am so humiliated, I too noticed my performance was not the greatest and even mention to manager that I was not feeling right in my "head", I was having the hardest time remembering things and so on. So of course this is my main concern. I did say that I can not work for this agency until I get things worked out with this.
I was doing some research on my issue and found that Chlorella would really help with the memory part of things as well as others too. Has anyone ever tried using this vitamin before? My concern is I don't want it to interfere with the Levothyroxine, if anyone had tried it please let me know how this works for you?
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