... my doctor has put me on levothyoxine at a dosage level of .25mcg. I have been taking for about 3 weeks. I take no other medicines except a prental and now COq10. At the beginning I had a mild headache just but today and last few days, getting what feels like worse, I am having heart palpitations (a lot during day and night) and I can really feel my veins in my neck, throbbing and yesterday I had a panic attack not randomly. I have a history of anxiety/panic attacks for which I used to take PAXIL, but have been off 3 months (tapered well) because its very bad for a growing baby. I am really TORN to get off this medication but wondered if anyone has any help/suggestions? I had emailed my doctorregarding this who wasn't very helpful. My concern is if I get off it: It could be harmful levels to baby (above 2.5 TSH) but concern if I stay on it, my symptoms will get worse and once pregnant, I'm stuck. Ive been thinking about it a lot today and then it just brings on a panic attack. Anyone have any advice?