I had my yearly physical exam about 2 months ago and was told after having blood work, my thyroid levels were low. I was prescribed Levothyroxine. I also took a multivitamin containing 600mg of Calcium, along with 5,000IU of vitamin D. I was unaware of the warning not to take Calcium & Iron while taking that medication within a 4 hour period of time... until now.
I started taking the thyroid medication at the end of Februrary, 26th, and within a week or so of taking Levothyroxine I was experiencing a vicious headache.
It started on a Friday afternoon and on until Saturday afternoon. I saw a physician at an urgent care center that Saturday who prescribed Amoxicillian. Within 24 hours I had a reaction which I thought was from taking that medication. I could feel my left ear was red and itchy so I went back to the urgent care center on Sunday. It was suggested I see an ENT because my left ear had become inflamed.
It wasn't until Tuesday that I was able to get in to see an ENT because the left side of my face was red with little bumps on my cheek along with the very inflamed left ear. She diagnosed me with Cellulitis and acute Shingles. She was worried about the Cellulitis & prescribed me Cefuroxime and Acyclovir.
In the meantime, I spoke with another doctor regarding the thyroid medication since my doctor was out of town. He suggested I take a different thyroid supplement rather than Levothyroxine because I had concerns as to whether the thyroid medication was causing me problems.
I just went back to the ENT a few days ago, Tuesday, becasue I was concerned with puffiness under my left eye. The good news from that visit was that the Cellulitis was clearing up. The question still remained..what was causing the puffiness under my left eye? Was the Shingles growing in my body? The doctor seemed to think I was experiencing an allergic reaction to something since I had not complained of any nerve pain or other extreme pain related to Shingles... I only had little red bumps and was very itchy. She prescribed Prednisone and it seems the ithiness and red bumps are slowly going away.
Now, after saying all of that, I am wondering what caused my Cellulitis in the first place.. was there a correlation between the Levothyroxine and Calcium and vitamin D levels in my body? Was it caused by something else? How would I know whether I do have the Shingles virus?
I would like to hear some feedback from patients who have experienced this and or from doctors or allergists or dermatologist who can give me advice about drug interactions. Any or all comments would be greatly appreciated! Thank you to all who can offer advice about my concerns!