I cant get to know the right dosage or get my thyroid to normal levels.Every month am checking and below are the levels.I am planning TTC since 5 months after miscarriage and on letrozole with no luck yet.So frustrated.When TSH appeared to be in range of .5 in Nov, my T4 was elevated to 6.3(but actually expecting to be below 1.7) and in Dec the reverse happened.So not sure why this mismatch and fluctuations happen. And in Jan to Feb no major changes in tsh numbers ,also T3 seems to b still low normal.How can i seem to bring my thyroid to normal.Please any inputs or advice will be of great help.

Feb 2018-Levo 50mcg
TSH-3.39 ( 0.450-4.5) uIU/mL
Free T4-1.2(0.82-1.77)ng/dL
FreeT3 2.6 (2.0-4.2) pg/mL
Jan 2018 -Levo 50mcg
TSH 3.24 ( 0.450-4.5) uIU/mL
FreeT4 1.16 (0.82-1.77)ng/dL
FreeT3 2.73 (2.0-4.2) pg/mL
Dec 2017-Levo 25mcg
TSH 5.5 ( 0.450-4.5) uIU/mL
FreeT4 0.98(0.82-1.77)ng/dL
Nov 2017-Levo 25mcg
TSH 0.519 ( 0.450-4.5) uIU/mL
FreeT4 6.3(0.82-1.77)ng/dL
FreeT3 2.3(2.0-4.2) pg/mL9
TotalT3 69 (97.0-169.0 ng/dL)