I'm not even sure if I should be taking this medication as my doctor gave me the impression that it "couldn't hurt" since the side effects were so mild. Apparently my thyroid count was high which he explained to me was a precursor to hypothyroidism. He prescribed Levothyroxine in a dose of 50mcg. I think I have been taking it for three weeks now and have had nothing but trouble.
I am an active and thin person already, enerygy levels were good, weight was good. Now, after less than a month of the medication my energy and motivation levels have plummeted and I have gained ten pounds. I have kept a stable weight effortlessly for over a year. All I can manage to do is lay around and eat constantly. This is not normal behavior for me. I feel like this drug is having the opposite effect for me.
My question is, is this going to be how I am from now on or will my body get back on track? I only want to feel like I did before. I feel like this medicine is doing more harm than good. I rock climb and hike every week and my diet is very healthy, could this be enough to keep the thyroid in check on its own? What are some of your experiences?