I take 100 mcg of levothyroxine. I have an underactive thyroid. I do not have any more energy now than I did when I started taking the medicine in November at 75 mcg. I feel extremely distant and depressed all of the time. I also take gabapentin 600 mg twice per day, Detrol la 2mg twice per day, Prilosec 40 mg once per day, micronor birth control tabs and have been taking vybrid 40 mg once per day although that is to change to celexa 40 mg once per day. I have gained 20 lbs since first starting these meds. I have a protruding disc so I really do need the gabapentin. Im not sure which one or more than one is causing the rapid weight gain but I am not an out of control eater. I am concerned about my health because something just doesn't feel right. I also have mood swings and much irritation toward most things. I can't seem to shake these feelings. I have talked to my doctor and would like your opinion.