I've been on levora for about 5 months now, since mid-August. I'm on my third week of the pack this month (January), and my period SHOULD be here by the end of next week.
however, my boyfriend and I about 3 weeks ago (one incident) began sex without a condom one day but stopped soon after so we could get back to having sex WITH a condom. so he was in me for a short period of time without a condom.
the past few weeks I have felt vaguely nauseous on and off throughout the day (no vomiting just stomach generally feeling queasy), was experiencing a little cramping and bloating. the nauseousness only lasted about a week.
do you think there's any chance I should have legitimate concern for being pregnant? I take my pill roughly the same time each day (2-3 hours max difference, this month I have had better timing in general) and we 9/10 times use a condom, and he has never finished inside of me or even come close to finishing inside without a condom.
please help, I am stressing out and need my nerves calmed because the internet is giving me mixed answers :(