hey there, basically started seeing a new guy now for about 6 weeks we had sex for first time together on week 4 the condom split but didnt realize until after we had finished, this was about 10am, i then went the same day to the dr and got the levonelle pill, this was at 4.30pm ish. i took its straight away, he said you should get your period within a week, i waited a week and still nothing, ive taken the morning after pill before once with the same reason .. stupid f*ing condoms.. and had period in a week etc... but my periods are very irregular sometimes i will go 7 ish weeks without one and then sometimes get 2 in 3 weeks.. etc.. it has been almost 2 weeks since taking the levonelle pill and still no periods but been having mild tummy pains and been constipated and havig terrible wind for too for 2 weeks... but no bleeding... dr said was unlikely i would be pregnant as taken so close to having sex... someone please help as im so worried... its not the right time at all to be getting pregnant ... thanks for you help in advance sorry its an essay! xx