Hello i am a 24yr old girl and have never had sex before... but i do engage in other sexual activities like dry humping... i recently dry humped with a guy and i had my panty on(G-String) his penis was out of hiz boxers and he ejaculated on my panty i immediately took my panty of and wiped my self with tissue then later added water to the tissue and wiped it off am not soo sure bt most of hiz semen was on my pubic hair bt it was on the panty soo am thinkn it went thru the panty and got to my vagina. Am soo scared i could get pregnant frm this soo i went to the pharmacy the next day and bought postinor 2 which the pharmacist asked me to take the 2 pills at a go which i did. Bt am still scared i may get pregnant please HELP any advice please.