My boyfriend and I had sex on the 9th and 12th of this month we didn't use protection on both days, though he didn't finish but I was afraid of the pre cum (he told me that he ejaculated months ago so I'm pretty sure all the sperms in the pre cum are dead as they can only stay alive for 7 days) but I decided to take a pill (Norvelo) on the 13th. The first day after I took the pill, I had lower abdominal pain but I didn't vomit or anything and on the second day my breasts were sore. Now I'm just waiting for my period to come. This is my first time taking a morning after pill and I'm freaking out so badly. I know the pill worked cos if it didn't the pill shouldn't have worked since the pharmacist only gave me norvelo which is a pill that can not be taken no longer than 3 days (I had sex on Monday and Thursday but took the pill on Friday.) please tell me I'm going to be okay?