Bit of background to help understand my situation.
My period started on the 2nd of June and ended around midday on the 4th. I had protected sex During the night and then unprotected sex around 10am on the 5th, I then took the morning after pill no later than 90 minutes after.
I then had unprotected sex again on the 11th around 11:30pm & then again at about 7am on the 12th.
On the 13th I took a second morning after pill but that was about 40hrs later.
My fertile window is between the 15th and 20th with the 19th being the big day. (so says my Period tracking app)
I have to wait until my period is due which originally was on the 3rd of July but I am aware it may be late now because of the pill.

Side effects of taking the pills have included me feeling run down, tired, emotional, stomach cramps, nausea (I've been given tablets)

My question is - what are the chances of this pill working or failing with what you've read above and Will this effect me having kids in the future? PLEASE HELP
The reason I've named this post mixed emotions is because I want to have kids but we just got together.