... protection but drank norlevo morning after pills the next day because I don't trust condoms 100% and don't wana full pregnant, the 2nd time was on a Sunday we didn't use protection and while we were busy there was a point where a felt a bad pain and started bleeding heavily, we stop because the bleeding was too much, the next morning (Monday) I drank norlevo morning after pills again while I was still bleeding from the previous night. The pain stopped but am still bleeding till now which is a Thursday meaning I am bleeding for 4 days now. The Monday the bleeding was just bits of drops and thought it would stop because I period should usually start within the 2nd week of each month and today is 4 June, I started bleeding on the 31st March but it just got worse and now I am bleeding like I am on my period. I period usually last up to 4 days but this bleeding looks like it’s going to last more than 4 days. Dr. Do you think I am pregnant? Why is this happening (I am really afraid I might be pregnant)