I had a light period on June 6th-10th with no clots after taking a take action pill on May 29th. (which is normal despite others saying that their period was delayed by the pill) I had unprotected sex with my boyfriend on the night of the 11th/ early morning of the 12th where he out rightly ejaculated inside of me. The late afternoon of the 13th I took another plan b. Now, today on the 19th of June I woke up this morning to spotting. just a few dots. it got a little heavier throughout the day but still very light. My cycle is typically 24-26 so I should be expecting my next period the first of July. I've been very tired and experiencing a lot of cramps and stomach pains for the last week. I know it's physically impossible for me to be having another period, after having had one only 9 days ago. I don't know what's happening. Am I having side effects to plan b?? I am scared that i could be pregnant. I've seen stories about plan b failing them & im a nervous. Help!?