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If my levels have dropped, why is my Dr decreasing the dosage of synthroid?

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kaismama 23 Feb 2013

If a tsh drops its a good thing so you don't need as much of the med.

endlessPred 23 Feb 2013

It depends upon how low it dropped. The range for TSH should be .3 to 3.0.

If the dose was reduced the reading went too low. However if you are in this range, it should not be changed. If above this you would have a higher dose.

4N Substances 23 Feb 2013

Dear croope,
Other than TSH, there are around 15 additinal levels that can be tested for to aid in thyroid diagnosis. Although TSH may be the most common , it really depends on which tests were done and their results considered together. My thyroid tests are typically more comprehensive.
Do you have a copy of the lab results? You would be able to see other test results in the thyroid section. If not, call your Dr's office to get clarification for this good question question and make sure there was no error.
Best Regards,
4N Substances.

meyati 24 Feb 2013

the TSH is backwards to us, A low TSH means high levels of thyroid, a high TSH means low levels of thyroid in your body. So a person with a low TSH needs means the thyroid replacement hormone-synthroid needs to be lowered. free discount card

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