I take Lamictal and Depakote DR once a day in the morning.

After a series of very messed up hospitilizations, I now, am again, on mood stabalizers and no anti psychotics. I took Lamictal successfully for 10 years. Every hospital I went to took me off, then realized I needed it.

Depakote is new to me. I took it as a teenager, but never with Lamictal. I read they magnify results. Recently, I have extra bruising and some small-medium sized, itchy red spots on my legs. The spots on my thighs are bigger , itchier.

I am concerned about the Depakote anyway. My doctor is new to me, and probably will be needing to address others' mistakes. With that said, she is out of town until after Christmas. Besides, Depakote delayed release once a day in the morning?