I was sick with sinus/bronch. in April 2009. Given Levaquin-sicker-muscle and body pain-on couch-dr. said still just ill and gave 2nd bottle of levaquin. During that time I became so ill I could not eat,insomnia,joint and muscle pain-10, headache, could not open eyes due to pain,pain started in feet and hands and other symptoms. Had friend come take care of me while husband at work-I was out of work. Dr. sent me to specialist thinking this was my illness continued. I went R/A, Endro, Gastro, cardio, neuro, and fibromyalgia/fatigue clinic. My system was auto immune d. at this point with not eating but no tests ever came back positive. July-hospitalized for failure to thrive due to no help or treatment. Diagnosed as Fibro. Treated at clinic for fibro and lyme with pills and shots and supplements-no changes, treated for ankylosing spondilitus with Enbrel-no changes-the first 2 R/A drs. said it was not Anky due to no swellings ever. Just SEVERE pain. Depression and Anxiety started in mid-just-first time ever. dr. assessed it as 2ndary depression due to chronic illness. Out of work-more time on couch and bed then up due to pain. Tried Physical therapy-put me in bed with worse pain for 5 days. 3 wks. ago-saw show on Levaquin on PBS-that was me... Drs. never asked anywhere about my antibiotic and I never put it together never having been ill from an ANTIBIOTIC. Went to my pain management dr. with on-line info-he said makes sense as to why I never responded to any treatments and why abrupt pain since fibro. usually surfaces symptoms a bit at a time. Even pain pills DO NOT fully work on pain. I was an avid exerciser-6 days a week, healthy eater, worked a fun job, now my life is gone and I am a mess with pain. Over two yrs. to figure out and now just started to find help. Does anyone have similar story as time to find why ill? Does anyone know why these side effects happen-does something in drug attach to muscles or what? Does anyone know a Dr. that Treats levaquin side effects yet? Any help is needed.
Anyone effected by this drug-it is awful-and so unexpected.