Why is levaquin and it's family still on the market with so many lawsuits against you and the pain these medications are causing people? How many lawsuits will it take to get rid of this!? The people that are in constant pain because of this is way too many. The tendon ruptures and tendonitis, the fatigue and brain fog are just a few among the many. But maybe one of you need to try it and see how much fun it is. Granted it may help the original symptoms it started out with, but at what cost. Not being able to walk? I think not! Why hasn't this been tested longer and maybe improve on it composition so it doesn't have quite so many side effects? I'm tired of being tired and hurting in my ribs, ankles and knees. They are swollen and very, very painful. I am very concerned that I cannot think of people's names that I have either worked with on a daily basis or family member that I see quite frequently. The memory loss is very discerning.
My ribs feel like I've been in a bar fight with every inch hurting like mad. Walking even a short distance hurts like crazy and getting in and out of a car takes me forever due to the swelling in my knees make it very hard to bend them.