... swallow Suboxone it doesn't work, and it can make you nauseous . Have you tried placing it under your tongue and letting it melt A's prescribed? Try that first, before Subutex. Subtext is just the generic of Suboxone. Suboxone has two drugs in it. one is Buprinorphine ??? S.p??? And also, Naloxone which is an opiate antagonist. Naloxone was added to Suboxone to prevent anyone from shooting up the drug. It's extremely life threatening to shoot up this drug. Subutex is a lot cheaper. Also, if the nausea continues, try taking a Phenergan 25mg tab first, swallow it and then place Suboxone under your tongue and let it melt. It works great for me. Phenergan is used for many things such A's to relieve the N/V when pregnant, and to prevent the N/V after surgery. Good luck, NIK