I've been on an SSRI since 1999. I was on Paxil until 2008 and Lexapro since then. I've been on 20mg most of the time, although I was prescribed more at one time which showed no more results and went back to 20mg. I initially started taking paxil because of an eating problem where I imagined I was always choking while eating. I hate telling anyone that because it sound ridiculous even to me. This cleared up almost immediately though after starting on Paxil. I'm a little afraid to stop taking an SSRI because I've been on one so long and don't know what might change if I stop taking it. It's also discouraging when exercising and not being able to lose the belly fat no matter how many crunches, cardio and weight training I do. Maybe it's just genetics though that keep the belly fat on, I don't know. I was curious if anyone has been on an SSRI as long as I have and stopped taking it. I would like to know if you still have the problems you had before you started and if you were able to lose weight.