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Just had leg fracture surgery , taking oxicontin. Can I now take ibuprofen or Tylenol for pain ??

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Windchimes123 2 Jul 2016

"Just had leg surgery" ...
Were you admitted overnight and they started the OxyContin ?
Are you finished with the OxyContin and you are looking for pain relief... Or,
Are you taking OxyContin but you want to know about Tylenol because you are still having pain?

Little details but it gives us a better picture:)

Windchimes123 3 Jul 2016

Hi Linnet,
If you are still on OxyContin and still in pain,
I would have a talk with my doctor.
You probably know that OxyContin is a long acting opioid. Oxycodone is the short acting version for "break-through pain". If the long acting isn't holding you it's then better to stay in same class of Meds.
Tylenol is a scary OTC med. it causes liver damage at 4000 mg as mentioned.
The scary part that you need to consider is 4000mg is for a healthy liver! Already taking OxyContin is a burden on a liver.
The second scary point is that Tylenol is an ingredient used in a lot of OTC Meds - NyQuil as an example.
Then there is extra strength Tylenol which increases the amount.
If you are taking Tylenol on a regular basis think about long term effects.
Look at the box and monitor every dose of Tylenol /Acetominophen that you take. Check NyQuil,if taken, and add that to your amount. 4000mg is liver damage!

DaddyOf3 2 Jul 2016

3200mg of Ibuprofen and 4000mg of Tylenol a day is the limit. So as long as the OxyContin doesn't exceed the limit you can add it up to it. Alternate meds every 2 hours free discount card

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