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Why do I have left shoulder/back pain when I have a heartburn attack?

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kaismama 14 Jun 2012

Your positive its heartburn?

balbanese 14 Jun 2012

Hmmmm, that's odd. It could be something you're doing with your body when you feel the discomfort? Maybe it's the pressure in your chest? I'll check around and get back to you.

Inactive 14 Jun 2012

Hello spykerman. You might want to ask your doctor or get a opinion from another doctor. Meaning a professional opinion. Regards pledge

Inactive 14 Jun 2012

I agree with Pledge, it could be your heart not indigestion. You really need to discuss this with your doctor... Mary

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endlessPred 14 Jun 2012

I agree. See that doctor right away. Often people have heart attack warning signs and ignore them. If it is right now. Go to the ER where they can check you out when it is happening.

Even if it is actual heartburn it needs immediate treatment.

AquariusAnneCA 15 Jun 2012

If you have heartburn more than once a week, you have gastric problems, in my opinion and the shoulder and back pain are definitely associated with gastro problems such as hiatal hernia, ulcers, esophagus problems and anything that could be associated with the esophagus and/or stomach. Rule out the heart problem first, but make an appointment with a Gastro Doctor immediately. My gastro problems started with pains in back, shoulder and arm right up to my chin!
Good luck to you,

Inactive 15 Jun 2012

There's a nerve in your abdomen that runs to your shoulder. The two times I've had abdomenal laparoscopy surgery (once to explore, once to remove my gallbladder) they pump your abdomen full of gas to expand it so they can see things better. You have to get up walking within that next day to get rid of the gas, otherwise your shoulder area really starts hurting. So that may be a reason why. But why all the heartburn? That is another question and one you need to run past your doctor. Regards - ElizaJane

Vanya765 17 Jun 2017

Of course, with potential heart attack symptoms you should check with your doctor. But when I get indigestion I get stabbing, achy pain in my right shoulder which immediately resolves once I burp or otherwise releive the pressure in my gut. free discount card

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