Since Feb of this year I have been having a lot of back pain that goes all the way down both legs around my back, buttock and pubic area, then about two weeks ago the left leg starting to feel numb, and with that the ankle won't bend and I can't bend or spread my toes. When I close my eyes and bend my toes my head tells me they are bent but then I open my eyes and they are not. So far I've had and X-ray and MRI taken and it shows that I have, I'll quote from the MRI "Central extruded herniation causing the cal sac effacement. There is disc space narrowing. High-grad bilateral foraminal stenosis with compression of both exiting L5 nerve root. L4-L5 Shallow concentric disc bulge with bilateral facet arthropathy. L3-L4 There is a leftward foraminal disc protrusion seen best in the sagittal plane. This causes high-grade compression of the exiting left occult III nerve root. L1-L2 Focal central soft tissue mass consistent with a disc protrusion." The X-ray just shows (Mild bilateral hip degenerative changes, and Mild joint space narrowing is identified bilaterally. So far the doctor had me on NSAID x 2, PT, Muscle relaxers, Tylenol -COD,Epidermal Steroid Injections x 2 and nothing is working. Should surgery be next? Any recommendations