I have the same issue now for 10 years and I have 3 grown children and a 5 year old DS child with my husband. We lived in LV for over 10 years together as this is a fast rolling city with almost every other person on something. After he has stolen my money out of my purse almost everyday, pawned everything in our house even my daughters Christmas toys, my moms jewelry as well as all mine and my kids Wii among a huge amount of other things we decided after him not being able to hold a job for more than a year and me paying all the bills and supporting his habit financially to move to PA to be near his family. Well I have been here 4 weeks and he came 2 months ago while his mom flew in a week prior to get our 5 year old so he could drive to PA to be with her. My life in PA has been my worst nightmare I have been told by him that he has been clean for the two months and his family believes that the stress I caused him for the past 10 years is why he was using drugs. Although most of his closest friends have died from OD. After a daily fight in knowing that I am not aloud to be on his checking account his dad is and he calls or text his mom over 20 times a day to confide our life or his next move to hurt me. His sister even went as far as having a party and the list was in alphabetical order. Then added me at the end when my husband and son were at the top. I even had one afternoon where my five year old locked us out back at 330pm and it was thundering and lightening and pouring down rain and I text him to hurry home we were drenched and freezing. He got home at 615 and gets off at 430, he did not even call his parents or sisters that live 5 minutes away. And another incident of after me and my daughter traveling here my 19 year old drove the trip to PA with me. His mom allowed. And yes that's what he said allowed me and my 19 year old to sleep in the basement on the concrete floor after driving 4 days straight while he slept upstairs in a bed with my 5 year old and they locked the basement door so we could not get into the top portion of house. Well I was going over cell phone bill for past 2 months and see a number that he is calling and texting all hours of the day maybe 30 or 40 per day. I have called the number. It is a guy. I ask him for anything he says he can get me what I want. I sit and talk to my husband about it and he says they are just friends but even though he gets paid every two weeks I'm not allowed to see account and no bills are being paid. I have asked him to take a drug test for belief and that we need support and help. He refuses. Please tell me what to do. I have already seeked an attorney in both states for a divorce with help from my family and asked them to come get me I am just waiting to see if he really chooses drugs over us. Please help.