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Least expensive source for SSKI? Will need for 2 to 6 months. Thanks!

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26 Jan 2010

You will need to ask at your local pharmacy. They may be able to source the cheapest SSKI product for you.

rob1313 26 Jan 2010

Thanks. Did some research, found a source of granular KI USP with which to make up SSKI, cost roughly $120 to make up 8 oz, but they could only ship to a business address. Local major pharmacy chain wanted $175 for 8 oz of SSKI. Almost said yes but stopped in a little supermarket pharmacy for kicks and giggles and they wanted only $75 for 8 oz. That I can afford.

For Medicare Part D people (like me), SSKI is not on the Medicare Formulary so one would have to petition on an individual basis and the best Medicare could do is grant you approval as a third tier drug at $90 a month.

An adult with Sporotrichosis who wants to try SSKI will probably need a 6 month course or about 16 oz. The other practical options are the oral Azoles of which Ketokonazole is now not used in favor of the azole Medicare carries as a Tier 2 drug (blocking on its name, sorry).

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