I once took Movantik back in April, for one month, my first ever dose and had a BM, then took one a day unless I got diarrhea then I'd skip a day, but little to no side effects, so insurance sends me a letter saying no more Movantik it's not on the formulary list, so I had to switch to Relistor, Liness and tried Amitiza but nothing worked. I filed an appeal 3 times, and got the Movantik as an exception drug, 5 days taking it and now its not working, NO BM not any signs of having to go. Just some gas and feeling bloated. So last night I take 3 Exlax before bed and again NOTHING, I'm so tired of not going, I just want to go poo like normal people, but I can not go, so does anyone know if I can still take the laxatives at night then a Movantik in the morning? I'm scared of over loading my system on laxatives and Movantik..but after days of not going I am getting desperate, what should I do?