I was put on 20mg of Latuda for bi polar/dysphoric mania a month ago. At 20, I was the most balanced I'd felt in years. Little things didn't bother me anymore. My post-traumatic stress had gone. The only problem was that it wasn't helping with my hypersexuality. In fact, I'm in my mid 30s and instead of lowering my libido, I was masturbating up to 3 or 4 times a day.

Sometime last week, my mood flattened out altogether. The mania was still gone, but I felt perpetually sad, unable to even listen to favorite songs I'd enjoy in my worst moods on other meds. I went up to 40, same thing. Hypersexuality still present and sadness still just as bad. Literally no moments of happiness or even feeling "ok."

Have been on just about every med possible. This one at least doesn't cause suicidal thoughts or mania, but being sad 24/7 is just unbearable. It's not even a feeling of flatness or loneliness; it's just feeling really sad and empty, along with the feeling that there aren't any other treatments out there. My family is frustrated with me, even though deep down they know it isn't my fault, but it's like they expect me to "tough it out" when I'm not capable. (I'm on disability, also have Aspergers, so it's like being a kid with a boatload of emotional issues, only I'm aware of all of them.)

I have no option but to stay on this med because I really have been on everything else. I've had my blood work done twice in the past month and it's a miracle my body hasn't gone through any damage with all the meds I've been on for depression over the years.

My question is, will the sadness subside or is this just something I'm going to have to put up with?