I was just prescribed 40mg Latuda nine days ago, to be taken once in the evening with food. I have schizoaffective disorder depressive type. The symptoms started showing relatively early, when I was twelve years old. My hallucinations are mostly limited to hearing voices that cause unreasonable paranoia of trusted friends and family as well as strangers, and it is coupled with depressive symptoms. It also creates/worsens my insomnia because the voices get much "louder" at night, and when the insomnia gets severe I do experience mild visual hallicinations in the form of moving shadows. I also frequently wonder over existential problems, such as if I'm in control of my own thoughts/actions or if anyone truly has free will, which is likely another form of hallicinative symptom. I also have PTSD from abuse and entrapmentthat developed in my late teens to early twenties, and have had generalized anxiety disorder with leanings toward severe social anxiety since I was seven years old. I'm currently twenty-six and didn't see a mental health professional until this year in June.

My depression worsens seasonally (I'm typically at my best in the whole of spring and late-autumn to early-winter, and at my worse in mid- to late-winter and the whole of summer). The Latuda has already done wonders for my auditory hallicinations and therefore also my paranoia, anxiety, and insomnia. I'm new to taking medication for my issues on the whole. I took Seroquel for two months before I was switched to Latuda; Seroquel made me emotionally numb. That has gone away with Latuda, but my depression is persisting and worsening, which as I stated is common this time of year. It's always there, but it's at its worst this time of year in particular.

My question is, then, since Latuda is typically prescribed for schizophrenia and bi-polar depression, can it also help the depressive symptoms associated with schizoaffective disorder? It hasn't yet, but I've barely been taking it a week and a half. If the depression persists, should I talk to my doctor about switching to a different medication or adding a medication for depression? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.