Hi all!

I just got prescribed Latuda today by my MD (40mg). She recently put me on 400mg Seroquel (also taking 20mg Adderall, 150mg Wellbutrin ER, 400mg Lamictal). I only started the Seroquel a week ago (mostly for sleep per her instructions)-it has been helpful, but I am a bit scared to try this new med on top of the others.

My goal in life at this point is to just get my brain back to normal-not foggy, forgetting stuff, back to my "old' happy and fun self.

I know that beggars can't be choosers, but this is getting old-just don't want to be on 5 meds the rest of my life. I miss the days of just 3...

It seems like Latuda either works magic or makes you vomit your entire digestive tract out.

Any help/thoughts would be super helpful!!!
Thanks :)