I take 20 mgs Zyprexa. And 50 mgs trazadone. At bedtime. Now i am hallucinating. Seeing people face . when i see them. Angry eyes open. Scowl on there face. It frightens me. Then I carry that vision with me. All day
I'm 53 years old. Tried 30 different drugs. After 3 or 4 months they stop working. I like taking medicines in the morning. I can't concentrate or focus. Just on the voices. And i take 2mg. Ativan 3x a day for anxiety. No effect on me. High anxiety. I was wondering does Klonopin work for anxiety. My friend takes it an it calms her down. Anybody can u please help me. By the way i do not respond to the older. medications. Or what about Saphris.