I have been on 80 mgs/day of Latuda for almost 2 years now and have no complaints, during this time I have also been prescribed ever CNS Stimulant in the book, from 90 mgs of Adderall, 140 mgs of Vyvanse, and my current for the past 5 months 90 mgs of Dextrostat. Sleep has never been an issue with the dextro and Latuda combo, just some food and a glass of grapefruit juice and I sleep soundly. Well last night it changed drastically. I only took 30 mgs of Dextrostat as I got it refilled around 3:00pm and at 10:00 pm took my Latuda and nothing happened. For some reason my anxiety started to spike so I took 4 mgs of Xanax and 4 mgs of Lorazepam. Again, nothing, I finally got some "sleep" after I forced myself to not open my eyes which lasted less than 4 hours and were plagued with stress dreams. This has never happened to me, and usually if I were to take that many benzos I'd be asleep within 30 minutes (yes they are prescribed). Would this be an indication to maybe up the Latuda, it's just that it is working so great now? I am also prescribed Temazepam, should I also give this a try tonight? Trazadone works but gives me consistent nosebleeds. The grapefruit juice should work in decreasing the dextro and increasing the Latuda right? I think I'm just really confused as to what to do now and any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.