I have BPD, BDD, PTSD, ADHD, ocpd and I was on a fluctuating dose of lamictal (50mg-300mg), Prozac, adderall 90mg, and colonadine .3 for 11 months. The lamictal was making my moods go from swinging yo just angry and volitile. So my Dr took me off Prozac and lamictal and put me on 40 mg latuda, 60mg of adderall, and .5 mg ativan. I didn't take the ativan yet but started the latuda yesterday. I know I've only taken it once but it made me feel high, hungry, and upset. I don't like the high feeling nor do I like the hangover feeling I had this am. I'm afraid to take it tonight again, yet I'm afraid if I don't, maybe I'll have an "episode" and do harm. What shld I do?