Every antidepressant around . They would work for a while then start making my depression worse. I understAnd now that this an inherited disease. I'm working with a wonderful doctor now who has diagnosed me with bipolar depression. She just started me on 40 mg of latuda then I'm to up to 60 mugs after a week. My question is this -- I've taken it now for5 days and I think it is already helping my depression. I take it with lunch (350 cals). Then about an hour later I start getting so restless I can't lie down, concentrate on anything, sit down, etc. if I force myself to keep moving it lessens after a while. Today when I started experiencing those symptoms I took a shower and just walked back and forth through the house. I feel fine now . It goes away after a couple hours. Will this go away after I've been on the Medes for a while?