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Which are the latest drugs availble for anxiety and mild sleep disorders?

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LaurieShay 24 Feb 2014

The latest drugs for anxiety would be in the antidepressant category, but they aren't necessarily going to treat the sleep problem unless it also stems from the anxiety. Otherwise, you benefit from a low dose benzodiazepine such as Ativan or another category of drug such as Seroquel. Another possibility is Trazadone. It really depends on the severity and cause of your symptoms. I would consult a doctor and let them sort out the best avenue for your particular problems.

adityaB445 24 Feb 2014

Thank you LaurieShay. Your answer is gave me insight but i am still not clear because my question is bit ambiguous. I want to know the one latest drug for anxiety and other for sleep disorder - both are different.

LaurieShay 24 Feb 2014

The latest category of drugs used for anxiety are the antidepressants. Mild sleep disturbance may respond to OTC medications such as dyphenhydramine (Benadryl) or melatonin.

kaismama 24 Feb 2014

Those two things are often tied together. There isn't one drug for anxiety, not everyone responds the same to them. Buspar is my favorite for people to try because it isn't a benzo and prevents anxiety not treats it after it happens. For a sleep disorder I would never recommend seroquel its an anti psychotic and has some pretty nasty and possibly permanent side effects. I take melatonin. I prefer the extended release so I don't wake in the middle of the night.

Secret12 26 Feb 2014

I take melatonin. On really bad days where I know sleep will be hard to come by I go ahead and pop a couple Benadryl.

I've heard buspar is good for anxiety and is non habit forming like xanax, kolonpoin etc. free discount card

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