I'm paranoid and I'm aware of that. I've been on Sprintec for a long time (probably close/ around 2 years). I usually take my pills around the same time everyday depressing when I get home etc. and I haven't missed a pill for a couples months. My boyfriend and I have sex "often" and during my blue pills for this month we had unprotected sex (I know it doesn't protect against STDs) but he doesn't know if he came- he pulled out and then came a couple seconds afterwards (it's probably hard to come-stop-pull out- come again) so I'm pretty sure he didn't and I didn't feel anything.. Would I have felt it if he came inside of me? Also we used a condom the next time and he said he came (while using a condom inside- but pulled out in the middle), what are my chances being on birth control and using a condom? It's Thursday morning and I woke up (nothing) - but I've noticed since I've had sex my period usually comes a day later - is that normal? Can stress play any factors in this? I know I'm just paranoid It's been a stressful week, I'm a college student and it's midterms (stress stress stress) and I just need someone with medical knowledge and lots of information to inform me and ease my stress. Thanks!