So my boyfriend and i had sex on Friday, November 25th. He didn't finish inside me but on my stomach instead, and i thought i felt some drip down. I wiped with a towel immediately and washed 3 times afterwards but i was still scared so i took Plan B 71 hours later. My period is very irregular so I wasn't sure when my period was coming but I knew it was soon. November 28th was 28 days since I began my last period. My period had not came and it's now December 1st. I just went to the bathroom and there was brown spotting but the more i wiped it turned to a very light red. Is this my period? Or a sign of pregnancy? Or a side effect of Plan B? Should i consider this my period? Is there still a chance of me being pregnant. I have been going absolutely INSANE since it happened and I've been extremely stressed. I also ate a lot of clementines last night and drank orange juice and had another clementine this morning since vitamin C can induce your period i read. I also took a hot bath last night since it's supposed to help with that also. Please please please help me I'm so paranoid I'm losing it. (i also have extreme paranoia anyways and have for as long as i can remember so that does not help this)