A week ago, my partner and I had protected sex using oral contraceptive and spermicide. I am a "perfect" pill user, have been on the pill for almost 3 years, and I take it every night at the same time (if I am rarely ever late, it is only by an hour or two). My partner has an ejaculation problem, and during this sexual encounter, he did not finish. We usually use withdrawal in addition. I realized that I took the pill for that night late, so I took plan B the morning after as well.
I am currently on the 4th inactive pill of my pack, but have not had a withdrawal bleed. I usually have it by now. I have had all the usual symptoms of my withdrawal bleed (headache, cramps, bloating) but it hasn't arrived yet. Could my period be late? I am worried about the possibility that the contraception we used failed. Thank you for your time and feedback.