Hi all, I'd like some advice.
Usually my cycle lasts between 30-34 days, but I'm on day 39, now, and no sign of my period.
I've recently had a temporary leader post at the nursery I'm currently working in, and the last two weeks have been absolutely stressful, and there's been no sign of a period.
Also, I had protected sex with my boyfriend a week after my previous period, and I was spotting the day after, is this at all connected? I know it isn't breakthrough bleeding, because that's a week before your period.
I know stress delays the period, but the fact it hasn't come is making me stress even more, and I am aware that it isn't good. I'm just wondering how long my period can be delayed for? Because my mother told me before that her's was delayed for 6 weeks (my grandfather had died, and there were massive damily issues going on at the time), so I'm hoping that it's stress.
(FYI, I'm 18 and I know the risks of sex and what could happen etc, and currently in a stable relationship.)