I started taking tri-sprintec (my first time ever on birth control pills) and on the third day I was one hour late. My period started the next day. It has been less of a heavy flow than my natural period (which is considered heavy) but the flow has not dwindled down over the course of it like it usually would. I continued taking the hormone pills and not the placebo. It is now day six and the flow has not subsided. At this point I feel like I am going to be bleeding forever. I have one week left of my prescription for this pack before placebos. I know I can skip the placebos for this month and keep taking the hormone, but I want to do whatever will get the bleeding out of my system so I can be done with it already. I have set my alarm on my phone so I won't be late. Also, is there a window of time for when to take the pill to avoid this? Is it down to the minute? Can I be ten minutes late? What about ten minutes early? Thanks.