Hello everyone
I've been on the depo for about 2 years, I got my last shot on August 3rd but i thought I had gotten late September.. I just called today and found out I was late! The woman who helped me said tomorrow would he the last time, or else on Monday I'd have to "start over"

Since I'm over a month late, I was wondering how big the possibility of pregnancy is for me.

My partner always pulls out, but he never uses a condom.
I don't think I've experienced any symptoms, except I had (what I think) my period this past week. It wasnt very consistent so I'm not sure if it was my period and I'm okay or if it was some kind of spotting..
I've tried to look it up but some people say you can get pregnant right away, or not at all for 18 months. Again, he always pulls out but never used a condom.

Sorry for the confusing text! Thank you for reading, any feedback is appreciated.