... bladder infection that had affected his kidneys and a 105 degree temp.He was shaking violently upon admission and at one point his white cell count was above 24000. Our family doctor was in a hurry to go deer hunting and released him after 2 days of IV antibiotics. No one said anything about any possible kidney damage or even if his white cell count was back to normal. His scalp was burnt and he had a grayish discoloration on the left side of his face. The discoloration still hasn't disappeared.Since his release from the hospital he still has extreme shortness of breath,fatigue,impotence,
and just recently broke out in a rash on his forehead,upper back and upper chest. Our family doctor just keeps saying it was never that serious and he's fine. He's 49 and has a physically demanding job so he's in pretty good shape otherwise. Any input?